Refractory Anchor Pieces

Product Details

If you are looking for customized and cheap refractory anchor pieces made in China from a refractory anchor pieces factory, Zibo Qunhui Refractory Co.,Ltd is always at your service.

Product Description

Anchor is a kind of structure which joint and fix between the ceramic fiber products,

insulating fire brick,amorphous refractory with the kiln metal wall plate.According 

the kiln structure,furnace temperature and atmosphere,we should select and use different 

structures and materials anchors.


1. For high temp using. 800-1400c 

2. Mild steel and stainless steel 

3. Can be customized

Types of Refractory Anchors.

Y & V Anchors

Welded and Twisted Anchors

Split Tyne, Stud Welded and Rotalock Anchors

Christmas Tree and Strap Anchors

Ceramic Anchor Brick Clips

Shelf & PV Anchors

Shelf Brackets & Fabricated Parts

Ceramic Fibre Fixings


1.Fix ceramic fiber modules and folded modules

2.Fix all kinds of refractory brick and cement castable

3.Anchor fiber flame plating

4.Fix and joint high temperature board and installation