Selection Of Fire-resistant Brick Door, Promoting The Development Of The Ancient Door Of Art

Abbreviation of refractory bricks Huo Zhuan. Chamotte or other fire-resistant material made of burn by high temperature refractory materials. Yellowish or brownish. Mainly used for masonry furnaces, 1,580-1,770 ℃ high temperature. Also known as Huo Zhuan. Can be used for building kilns and various types of heating equipment for high temperature materials and structural materials, and can withstand a variety of physical and chemical changes in the heat and mechanical action. For example, fireclay bricks, high alumina bricks, silica bricks, bricks, etc. Because of its high temperature resistance properties, so the bricks are used in industrial sites, and as a decoration on the civilian use of the material is indeed very rare.

With fire-resistant brick masonry door it given the atmosphere while the delicate, quiet outside the rough. Each brick placed, every shape design, each ornament is placed where there is spiritual. That atmosphere of art from every penetration of the quiet out of the brick, you my sight slowly into your eyes, and enchanted hearts for this at the moment is full of art. Seemingly rough hard brick, this was such a beautiful place. Seemingly out of hard bodies, out of industrial furnaces, carrying thick industrial wind, is devoted to all the beauty of the moment.

This temperament is typical of the Western architectural style of the exposed edge. Look sharp bones show, which is why seem to feel the atmosphere, very rough.