Refractory Materials Are Constantly Moving In Direction Of Development Of Green Industry

Long dependent on extensive economic growth mode of the refractory materials industry should be further adjusted, get used to the new situation demands, domestic cement industry of refractory material industries industry concentration, vicious competition, the lack of material resources, and more questions.

In fact, the cement company cement kiln technology condition and clinker, fuel requirements, reasonable selection of refractory materials, such as selecting high strength, thermal expansion rate small, good thermal shock resistance and high alumina bricks, cut heat damage to the refractory.

According to the practical application of optimized design, fine handling level of progress, progress of cement kiln work rate, declining refractory tons of clinker consumes, just speed up the reorganization and integration of cement kiln refractory production companies, used to the rapid development of the cement industry.

Green refractories and in development, it is also necessary to ensure product quality. Refractory life span are not high factors of factory production equipment, conflicting press forming, dosing, moulding, sintering, low levels of automation testing process.