Refractory Fiber Products Time Is Short And Simple

Refractory Fiber Castable According to the construction method can be divided into coating materials, Refractory Fiber Products projection materials, spraying paint. Mainly by fiber acupuncture blanket as raw materials to add inorganic binder, expansive agent, inorganic curing agent and a variety of additives made. Its main performance is low thermal conductivity, extremely strong thermal stability, a certain degree of compressive strength, Refractory Fiber Products a certain amount of resistance to air erosion, a certain degree of resistance to mechanical vibration, the overall strong, simple and rapid construction and no dust, maintenance simple, Refractory Fiber Products oven time short and simple, long service life.

① lining without seams, fiber in three-dimensional direction, the use of high-temperature, the lining does not produce directional contraction, no cracks, the overall integrity of the lining, good air tightness, good insulation effect, long service life.

② construction process is simple, fast, material consumption is small. Refractory Fiber Products The requirement of Anchorage nail position is not very strict, so the design is simplified and the construction is easy. The construction of back liner insulation layer with anchor brick structure is particularly convenient.

③ has a good mechanical properties, a certain strength, Refractory Fiber Products a certain load-bearing capacity, strong resistance to air erosion. Refractory Fiber Castable Special products, with trench lining plate, can be directly arranged electric furnace wire or resistance band, Refractory Fiber Products can also be prefabricated embedded electric lining plate. Refractory brick made of castable ≤1200℃ can be used for a long time under the condition of furnace temperature.

The ④ is adaptable to the atmosphere in the furnace and can be used in various fuel furnaces for long-term use in the reduction atmosphere.

Fire-resistant fiber spraying with high temperature (600~1450) ℃, vibration resistance, heat insulation effect, sound absorption and light weight and other advantages, Refractory Fiber Products has replaced the brick structure and castable as a new generation of lining optimization materials, in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, construction and other industries have been widely used. The traditional construction technology of refractory fiber mainly refers to the construction technology of refractory fiber products. Refractory Fiber Products The use of paste, splicing and other technology and technology for construction, construction difficult, slow, quality control difficulties, joints, the overall poor, workers labor intensity. Refractory Fiber Products Fire-resistant fiber spraying technology is a new technology of fiber construction mechanization. The technology is the use of fiber spray gun, the binder through the diaphragm pump evenly sprayed into the fiber, the two spray gun export mixed directly to the working surface, the formation of spray layer with three-dimensional network structure. Overcome the shortcomings of traditional construction technology, thus greatly improving the furnace thermal efficiency.