Refractory Fiber Products Short And Simple

Refractory fiber castable according to the construction method can be divided into different coating materials, casting materials, spray paint. Refractory Fiber Products Mainly by the fiber needle blanket as raw material by adding inorganic binder, expansion agent, inorganic curing agent and a variety of additives made. Its main performance is a low thermal conductivity, strong thermal stability, a certain pressure strength, Refractory Fiber Products a certain anti-air erosion ability, a certain resistance to mechanical vibration, integrity, construction is simple and rapid clean, Maintenance and repair is simple, Refractory Fiber Products oven time is short and simple, long service life.

Scope / Object:

1, the working temperature ≤ 1250 ℃ of various fuel furnace lining, including the furnace wall and roof. Selection of different types of refractory fiber castable made of composite lining, Refractory Fiber Products stable structure, economical and reasonable, easy construction.

2, a variety of high temperature furnace interface temperature ≤ 1050 ℃ of the backing insulation layer (including the furnace wall and roof)

3, industrial boiler lining, for the roof effect is more significant.

4, the working temperature ≤ 1200 ℃ resistance furnace lining, Refractory Fiber Products electric components can be exposed, can also be made into a buried structure.

5, the use of flat flame burner industrial furnace, Refractory Fiber Products the top seal insulation, Refractory Fiber Products sealing effect is better than any other material.

6, flue, large diameter metal chimney insulation.

7, high temperature air (≤ 1200 ℃) pipe insulation.

8, a variety of thermal equipment lining layer.

9, the work of mechanical vibration, the temperature changes in the large range of lining is particularly applicable, such as hood-type furnace, Refractory Fiber Products can be exposing aluminum melting furnace furnace cover and so on.

10, all kinds of ordinary and special-shaped prefabricated parts, Refractory Fiber Products to meet the special requirements of users.

11, HS-J ultra-high temperature refractory fiber castable, ML-J polycrystalline mullite refractory fiber castable, L80-J alumina refractory fiber castable, Refractory Fiber Products can be used for industrial temperature 1300-1450 ℃ furnace furnace lining.

12, KT-J anti-carburizing refractory fiber castable for no muffle carburizing furnace lining.