Refractory Fiber Products More Varieties

Refractory fiber coating to high temperature (600 ~ 1450) ℃, vibration resistance, good insulation effect, sound absorption and light weight, has replaced the brick structure and castable and become a new generation of lining the preferred material in metallurgy, Chemical industry, machinery, Refractory Fiber Products construction and other industries are widely used. The traditional refractory fiber construction technology mainly refers to the construction technology of refractory fiber products. The use of paste, stitching and other technologies and processes for construction, construction difficult, slow, difficult quality control, Refractory Fiber Products seams and more, the overall poor, the labor intensity of workers. Refractory fiber spraying technology is a new technology and technology of fiber construction mechanization. The technology is the use of fiber guns, the binder through the diaphragm pump evenly sprayed into the fiber, both in the spray gun outlet mixed directly onto the work surface, Refractory Fiber Products the formation of the coating has a three-dimensional network structure. To overcome the shortcomings of the traditional construction technology, which greatly improved the furnace thermal efficiency.

The main raw materials of refractory fiber spraying include rock wool, Refractory Fiber Products standard aluminum silicate fiber, high purity aluminum silicate fiber, high aluminosilicate fiber, zirconium silicate fiber; polycrystalline mullite fiber, alumina fiber, Refractory Fiber Products oxidation Zirconium fiber and so on. The maximum temperature of the refractory fiber lining is different depending on the fiber variety and the furnace atmosphere, usually at (1100 ~ 1450) ℃.

Used in high temperature refractory binder varieties are more different performance. According to the chemical properties of the binder is divided into inorganic binders and organic binders. Refractory Fiber Products The inorganic binders are mainly silicates, aluminates, phosphates, sulfates, chlorides and sols; organic binders include natural organic and organic compounds.

Rock wool in the insulation, insulation has a good performance, Refractory Fiber Products the working temperature between (-80 ~ 700) ℃. Can be used for continuous working temperature of 600 ℃ below the furnace and pipe lining insulation.

The thermal conductivity of aluminum silicate series is the smallest in the range of (250 ~ 300) kg / m3. Standard aluminum silicate fiber, high alumina fiber spraying were used for the working temperature of 1000 ℃, 1200 ℃ below the thermal equipment, in the fire, heat insulation, Refractory Fiber Products insulation effect is significant, zirconium composite fiber and polycrystalline mullite fiber Spraying is applied to high temperature furnaces above 1300 ℃.

Commonly used aluminum silicate series of binders are thermosetting binders. In the adaptation of the operating temperature range, the binder composition, Refractory Fiber Products the ratio should help to form a bond chain and network structure, both rapid coagulation, curing does not shrink, but also with uniformity, dispersion, activity, Refractory Fiber Products taking into account the initial strength And hot sintering properties. The heat resistance of the thermosetting binder is not less than 1750 ° C and the viscosity (6.0 to 8.0) x 10-3 Pa • s.

Refractory fiber spray has many advantages, Refractory Fiber Products but its strength and refractory bricks, high strength castables compared to a certain gap, so the refractory fiber spray coating for non-granular airflow and gas flow rate ≤ 20m / s (if the spray surface coating can be Enhanced resistance to airflow flushing capacity) of various industrial furnaces refractory lining and composite lining. Refractory Fiber Products The In addition, through the selection of fiber raw materials, towers, cans, Refractory Fiber Products containers and other external insulation can also be used spray construction. Spraying technology is the improvement and progress of refractory fiber construction technology, construction speed, good quality. Refractory Fiber Products The use of spray technology can be used in areas where refractory fiber products are suitable for use