Refractory Fiber Products Insulation Performance

Refractory fiber products are the most commonly used in the steel industry industrial furnace insulation layer, after the gradual development of the application in the heat treatment furnace lining. By the machinery of the Second Hospital (Hangzhou Institute) designed the Shanghai Boiler Factory large annealing furnace, for the first time in China using the whole refractory fiber composite lining, Refractory Fiber Products access to the National Science and Technology Progress Award. The refractory fiber lining is now ubiquitous in the iron and steel metallurgy industry.

The ladle baking lid is a baking device with a moving lift and combustion system. When the molten steel is baked up to 1000 ° C, the ladle baking machine is sometimes intermittently continuous work, so the baking lid should adopt the refractory fiber structure with low heat storage and fast heating speed. As the fire burning temperature is high, so to use zirconium refractory fiber block. Refractory Fiber Products  the installation of zirconium refractory fiber blocks. Ladle baking cover with zirconium refractory fiber block, with a short baking time, to adapt to rapid quenching and emergency performance, baking temperature uniformity and save gas and so on. Especially the service life than the original heavy refractory castable as a whole cast more than doubled. Refractory Fiber Products Ladle baking time is shortened by nearly half the time, effectively improving the quality of the ladle wall baking.

A new type of newly developed ladle insulation layer refractory fiber castable - granular refractory fiber castable, the refractory fiber cotton made of high strength ball columnar fiber particles, and then use this fiber particles to replace the refractory castable Aggregate and made of granular refractory fiber castable, applied to the steel bag wall insulation layer, can greatly improve the ladle insulation effect. Refractory Fiber Products It combines heavy-duty refractory castables and lightweight insulation after the advantages of injection in one, both with high strength, high temperature performance, but also with low bulk density, low thermal conductivity of the thermal insulation properties.

The fiber shape in the refractory fiber castable product determines the strength and optimum adiabatic effect of the castable after molding. As the choice of working layer material is limited by many factors, if the material selection problems will lead to rupture of steel lined lead to leakage of steel leakage of the serious consequences, so the choice of performance parameters of the insulation material is a crucial link. Refractory Fiber Products In order to ensure the safety of the use of granular fiber materials as steel-lined insulation materials, and to analyze the adiabatic effect of granular fiber materials, the steel-coated insulation materials and granular fiber materials, Their normal temperature and high temperature compressive strength, Refractory Fiber Products flexural strength, bulk density, porosity, baking line change rate, chemical composition and working temperature, Refractory Fiber Products thermal conductivity and other physical and chemical indicators for inspection and analysis.