Refractory Fiber Products Important Structure

Aluminum silicate refractory fiber blanket - aluminum silicate refractory fiber blanket used in industrial furnaces, heating devices, high temperature pipe wall lining, power boilers, gas turbines and nuclear insulation, chemical industry, high temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment, Refractory Fiber Products wall lining, building materials Industrial glass kiln insulation, high-rise building fire, heat insulation, welding parts to eliminate stress insulation, shaped metal castings to eliminate stress insulation, kiln door insulation, Refractory Fiber Products high temperature filter material, in the neutral, easy oxidation The atmosphere can be used for a long time to maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure.

1, low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity; 2, excellent thermal stability; 3, excellent tensile strength; 4, excellent chemical stability.

Aluminum silicate refractory fiber blanket according to the working temperature can be divided into products: general aluminum fiber blanket, standard fiber blanket, high purity fiber blanket, Refractory Fiber Products high aluminum fiber blanket, zirconium fiber blanket.

Aluminum silicate refractory fiber cotton - aluminum silicate refractory fiber cotton with stable performance, long fiber, tensile strength, less slag and so on. Refractory Fiber Products Aluminum silicate refractory fiber cotton products are widely used in fiber textile raw materials, fiber spraying, pouring materials, coating materials, Refractory Fiber Products water products, raw materials, equipment, high temperature area gap filler.

The furnace bottom pipe (or the beam beam of the walking beam type heating furnace) is one of the important structures of the push-steel type heating furnace (walking beam type heating furnace). It is not only bear the full weight of the furnace blank, and consume a lot of cooling water, Refractory Fiber Products the heat is the furnace is invalid heat consumption, about the total loss of the furnace 15% to 30%. So the insulation of the water pipe dressing is particularly important. Adhesive effect of poor water pipes, not only to reduce the thermal efficiency of the furnace, but also in the billet below the "black print", deterioration of the heating conditions of the blank,Refractory Fiber Products extending the heating time, resulting in heating defects, reduce the heating quality. As the working conditions of the bottom of the water pipe is in the high temperature and high temperature gradient, Refractory Fiber Products but also to withstand the rapid changes in furnace temperature, material also vibration, etc., which is the end of the end of the refractory refractory material put forward a lot of requirements, that is, High temperature performance; in the furnace at the maximum temperature of long-term work is not deformed, no melting; Refractory Fiber Products at room temperature and high temperature to have a high compressive strength and bending strength; resistance to mechanical vibration performance; to have a high Thermal shock resistance; in the furnace temperature under the conditions of rapid changes, no cracking, no collapse and so on.

Granular refractory fiber castable with high strength, high temperature, low thermal conductivity of the thermal insulation properties, Refractory Fiber Products and its thermal insulation effect can be calculated through the heat loss wall. Take the size of φ152mm X 25mm water pipe as an example.