Paving Brick The Main Points Of Knowledge

From the viewpoint of greening engineering, the application of sintered paving brick waste in garden and land landscape construction projects is the construction material of the medium matrix which is of great use value. Using waste sintering brick paving on greening projects and roasting the waste in the process of production, its method is varied, such as the use of special methods, the use of a single purpose, high standard, adjust the environment and the recycling, etc. After crushing and classification of scrap material sintering brick paving brick, has the high particle strength, at the same time also has a high water retention and chemical properties of neutral, so they would be as a green up matrix structure material and as a medium of aggregate material prerequisites.

The sintering paving brick is mainly natural rock soil, which is taken from all parts of the country. In the construction of the control line may highlight the beauty of the product, below we will introduce the main points of the layout.

1, spring line from the center line to the both sides, as far as possible in accordance with brick modulus, when multiple size does not conform to the whole brick, can the size of the whole brick ahead with two pieces of the better part of a large size instead of high aluminum square brick, such as paving it according to the elastic line construction.

2, smooth layer of mortar strength 1.2 Mpa according to roof sintering after paving brick row, details on the leveling layer size lines, every 5 brick distance plays a control line, and drew the line of control to the outer wall or the bottom of the parapet.

3. Spread coarse sand or ash (8-12% of lime dose) evenly on the gravel, sweep into the crushed stone with a broom, and then spray the water with a sprinkler or spray pot. The water that runs out of the water will be filled with sand or ash, until there is no more space and the point of the gravel is exposed.

In the process of using sintering paving brick, it is usually necessary to cut the work to meet the wall construction of different structures. The cutting work is described as follows:

1. Sintering paving brick is mainly made of 10 slabs of mainland, with a thin thickness, and its thickness ranges from 5 to 35mm. The making of the body is half dry and half dry. Some are extruded, then cut into lengths by wire cutting machines or cutting moulds, which depend on the shape of the products selected.

2. If necessary, cut down the sintered paving blocks for shaping. For longer sintered paving blocks, sometimes paired extruded, split open after firing. Sintered paving brick can apply glaze or glaze.

3. The dimension deviation of sintered paving brick in the cutting process is required to be: length squared plus or minus LMM, width (high) direction plus or minus 3mm, and thickness direction of plus or minus 1.5mm. The maximum allowable allowable value of the bending of the length direction is 3mm, the maximum allowable value of the maximum allowable bian value is 1.5mm, the maximum allowable value of the burning degree is 4mm, and the maximum allowable value of the Angle deviation in 200mm is plus or minus 1mm. The demand for water absorption rate is 12%, and the antifreeze and other indicators also have specific requirements. Sintering paving brick has different requirements for breaking load based on the width of the board.