Paving Brick Machine

Basic Info

Model NO.:JH-PB100Weight:1790kg:.Dimensions:1800*1900*2400

Motor Power: :7.5kw:Brick Way:Hydraulic Power DeliveryNominal Pressure:3600kn:Rated Pressure:31.5MPa 

1.The device double tank, double filtration vertical overall self-priming power, power distribution box, pressing from the top mold top, multi-valve seal, the device requires virtually no maintenance, long life, can produce any product within 500 * 500 such as: lawn brick, color brick pavement, Road Floor and small curbs etc. can be produced. A medium-sized modern brick hydraulic molding machine.

2.Hydraulic brick equipment to produce cement products with a larger municipal and parallel bars designed to ensure consistent production of cement products thickness, can add color to any surface, the municipal company, real estate development device of choice. The new unburned produce high strength, hollow bricks.

(1), three hundred thirty-one, two two one-station assembly line design; employing less, without someone to play to send materials, equipment, continuous operation, without downtime turn pile; greatly reduce the labor intensity.

(2), the device at the different models have six machines, eight machines, 12 machines, 16 machines, 18 machines, 26 machines, 28 machines, 30 machines, 34 machines, and all automatic feeding, automatic brick, a multi-purpose machine.

(3), one remote palletizing; save space, while saving time and labor, to ensure product quality.

(4) without pallets, pallets to reduce investment, reduce refined brick palletizing secondary labor turnover costs, ensure good quality of products, it is known to use wood pallets after all conservation forming palletizing machines are old, wooden pallet board losses cost large.

(5), high yield while saving labor costs; each brick will be able to produce a piece of the Netherlands (the result after many manufacturers comparison) than the old model save labor costs 4-5 cents by the middle classes 6000 per day for each small machine can save labor costs 200 yuan, mainframe save more.

Product Description