Paving Brick Good Nature

Sintered paving brick color ancient, natural, natural color does not contain any color to add, pressing the surface to form a natural texture, the whole body color uniform, Paving Brick never fade witnessed a hundred years historical background. Is a special process of production of kiln brick, especially for the construction and repair of ancient streets. At the same time paving brick has many excellent properties, Paving Brick which absorb water on the construction and the surrounding environment have a better effect, let's take a look below.

Sintered bricks are weather resistant and can withstand the harsh and corrosive substances. Sintered brick is the only building material with the same water absorption and drainage speed. The speed is about 10 times higher than that of other building materials. It is an effective medium for regulating the balance of atmospheric and soil moisture. The flexible pavement can form a permeable system with the base layer, which can effectively alleviate the urban island effect. Sintered brick is made of high-temperature clay, Paving Brick in line with environmental protection, energy saving concept, compared with the previous cement pavement, not only more environmentally friendly, Paving Brick but also has anti-skid, permeable, load-bearing strength and other characteristics. Sintered brick also has a certain water storage characteristics, with it pave the road, even in the rainy day, the road is not water, dry weather when the brick body to release moisture humid air has a good environment to maintain good comfort, Paving Brick rain also Can penetrate the ground to nourish the land, the surrounding flowers and trees grow very good.

Paving brick with durability, physical stability, natural, Paving Brick non-slip, no pollution and other advantages, Paving Brick but also in the paving brick will not produce harmful particles. Now we all hope to be more environmentally friendly, therefore, paving brick by everyone's welcome. Here we come to understand how paving brick should be pavement design.

Paving the pavement and the curb, Paving Brick the choice of modified materials and details of the treatment, must not think of the use of on-site solutions, should do everything possible to count the surrounding environment and the characteristics of the adjacent area to meet the details of the deal through The form, Paving Brick texture and color make the edge modification greatly improve the beauty of the outdoor space.

The relative height between the pavement and the floor is very important, Paving Brick the edge of the road is slightly higher than the total floor height, such as the surface to stop the role or warning role in lying on the road surface of the concrete and so on. Paving Brick It can also be a lot of highs above the floor, and it can be a small block of pavement, such as rows of paving, or signs of parking or pedestrian areas. It can also be a block that forms a drain, which is made of granite turtle, dark rock, Paving Brick sandstone, recycled stone, prefabricated concrete or brick.