Paving Brick Application Status Quo

China's sintering paving brick from scratch, after 10 years of efforts, production capacity of more than 200 million pieces of product quality increased year by year, some products reached the level of similar products in advanced countries; the market continues to expand, the application gradually expanded. With Chinese architectural art atmosphere of high-grade decorative construction and multi-functional square road will appear in China's vast urban and rural areas

After the liberation, China's urban and rural construction has developed rapidly, the demand for brick increased year by year, to meet the market demand, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment to improve product yield and quality, accelerate the progress of the brick industry. However, due to the slow development of China's national economy at that time, people's living standards are not very high, long-term implementation of low-quality, low level of product standards, high quality in the market is not high prices, dampen the enthusiasm of the production, affecting the enterprise Technological progress and industry development. China's annual production of a variety of sintered brick more than 6000 billion, but can do bearing a small number of brick walls, sintering decorative brick is more difficult to find. 1978 China proposed the development of new wall materials, to accelerate the technological progress of brick and tile industry and industry.

Sintered paving brick has a certain strength, but also a better insulation, sound insulation performance, the winter interior wall will not appear condensation phenomenon, and low prices. Although the emergence of a variety of new wall materials, but the sintering paving brick in the next period of time, will still be used as a major material for masonry works.

Sintered ordinary brick can be used for building maintenance structures, masonry columns, arches, chimneys, kiln bodies, trenches and foundations. Can be used with lightweight aggregate concrete, aerated concrete, rock wool and other insulation materials supporting the use of brick on both sides of the brick, the middle filled with lightweight materials, light wall. Can be configured in the masonry in the appropriate reinforcement or reinforcement into a reinforced masonry, instead of reinforced concrete columns, such as sorghum.

Pave the way for the decoration

Pave the way when the first brick wall

Tiling procedures for the first wall after the ground, the wall from the bottom up the shop. Before laying the need to pay attention to these details. For example, the living room, the floor of the tiles should be laid in the most

Clay brick

After two times the paint is not painted when the paving. The specific approach is: first check the tiles of the color number and quality problems, and secondly, if the need for water tiles, should be treated according to different materials.

In addition, the laying process there are some important points to note: pre-row brick, indoor shop no design requirements when the seam width of 1 to 2.6 mm, non-brick should be ranked in the secondary parts

Or corner, the use of special sewing card. Bears in accordance with the indoor standard horizontal line to find the ground elevation, according to the tile area to calculate the number of vertical and horizontal blocks, leveling with leveling feet, and pop

Brick horizontal and vertical control lines. Immersion bricks and wet wall: paving before the clay bricks into the water soak for more than two hours, and then remove the dry, winter mixed with 3%

Soaked in warm water. Brick back full of mortar, surrounded by scraping into the slope, pay attention to the corner full of pulp. Also need to pay attention to the details of the site treatment, wall trench with white cement or special hook

To stick.

As we all know, clay brick workers are a kind of outdoor decoration, and is the most important stage, mainly responsible for the construction of cement brick, including,

Building masonry, masonry partitions, cement mortar plaster, ground leveling, paving shop paving and so on. Which ceramic tile laying is required to prepare in advance,

And it takes time to be the longest.

In general, when choosing tiles for the kitchen and bathroom, the matte finish or the clay brick with a bumpy shape is the best choice for its purpose. Second, we should pay attention

The ground floor of the bathroom should be lower than the ground of other rooms 9 to 21 mm. Under normal circumstances, the laying of toilet tiles to retain 1% of the leakage gradient, the minimum floor to facilitate the leakage

In drainage. Tile joints to the same thickness, aligned with the wall joints.