Insulation Materials The Role Of The Material

In the electronic products thermal solutions, Insulation Materials thermal insulation materials have been widely used, such as IGBT, power modules, Icmos tubes, such as cooling, packaging size is usually TO-220, to-3p, TO-264, TO-247, and so on. Because the thermal insulation material ultra-high voltage resistance in 0.28mm thickness can reach more than 5KV, which is favored by customers. Insulation Materials Thermal insulation materials used many, there are many customers ask how to operate better to play the role of thermal insulation materials.

1, the thermal insulation material side of the blue film gently tear-free paper.

2, use tweezers or wear a good finger sleeve to separate the thermal insulating material from the pet film on the paper.

3. The heat conductive insulating material has a slightly sticky side placed on the heat source to keep it flat.

4, the radiator top cover placed on the material above, Insulation Materials so that the heat source, thermal insulation materials, radiator top cover three to maintain full contact.

1, keep the heat source, thermal insulation material, radiator top cover three clean and smooth, to avoid dirty influence thermal conductivity and viscosity.

2, use the process to pay attention to light, Insulation Materials uniform pressure, to avoid the damage caused by thermal insulation material.

3, so that the heat source, thermal insulation materials, radiator top cover three to maintain full contact, there is no gap, because thermal insulation material is mainly by contact conduction heat, in the middle if there is gap will greatly increase contact heat resistance, reduce thermal conductivity.

4, the working temperature remains between 50-200 ℃.

In the use of the process in strict accordance with the above-mentioned thermal insulation material operation methods and thermal insulation material attention to the construction, Insulation Materials the actual operation of the process if there is any doubt, you can call JRFT Hotline: 400-662-8218, we will have a professional technical staff to teach customers to install the guidance.

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