Insulation Materials Safe Operation

Its resistivity is very high, usually in the range of 10 ^ 9 ~ 10 ^ 22Ω · m. As in the motor, the insulating material around the conductor isolates the turns and isolates it from the grounded stator core to ensure safe operation of the motor.

Insulation board: plastic plate is made of plastic sheet, plastic for the synthesis of polymer compounds, can be free to change the body style. Plastic is the use of monomer raw materials to synthesis or condensation reaction polymerization of materials, synthetic resin and filler, plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, colorants and other additives, and its main component is synthetic resin.


Resistant to corrosion, shiny, partially transparent or translucent, mostly good insulator, light weight and strong, easy to produce large quantities of production, cheap, versatile, easy to use, easy to color, some high temperature, storage of goods can Play the role of moisture-proof plastic is also divided into general-purpose plastic and engineering plastics, mainly the use of the broad to define, such as PE, PP cheap, can be used in a variety of different types of machines on the production. Engineering plastics are more expensive, but the stability of raw materials and physical properties are much better, in general, it has both rigidity and toughness of the two characteristics.

PVC transparent plastic plate: the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the use of advanced imports of raw and auxiliary materials produced by a high-strength, high transparent plastic plate.

① most of the plastic light, chemical stability, not rust;

② good impact resistance;

③ has good transparency and abrasion resistance;

④ good insulation, low thermal conductivity;

⑤ general shape, good coloring, low processing costs;

⑥ most of the poor heat resistance of plastic, thermal expansion rate, easy to burn;

⑦ dimensional stability is poor, easy to deformation;

⑧ most of the low temperature resistance of plastic poor, low temperature brittle;

⑨ easy to aging;

⑩ Some plastics are soluble in solvents.

Plastic can be divided into two categories of thermosetting and thermoplastic, the former can not be re-used, the latter can be repeated production. There are two types of plastic polymer structure: the first is a linear structure, with this structure of the polymer compounds known as linear polymer compounds; the second is the body structure, with this structure of the polymer Known as body polymer compounds. Some polymers with branches, known as branched polymers, are linear structure. Some polymers, although intermolecular cross-linking, but less cross-linking, known as the network structure, belonging to the body structure. Two different structures, showing two opposite properties.

The linear structure (including the branched structure) of the polymer due to the existence of independent molecules, it is flexible, plastic, soluble in the solvent, heating can melt, hardness and brittle characteristics. Body structure polymer because there is no independent macromolecules exist, so there is no flexibility and plasticity, can not dissolve and melt, can only swell, hardness and brittle. Plastic is the structure of the two polymers are made of linear polymer is made of thermoplastic, made of body polymer is thermosetting plastic.