Insulation Materials Processing Technology

PVC PVC (hereinafter referred to as PVC) insulation material is added in the PVC powder stabilizer, plasticizer, flame retardant, lubricants and other additives mixture. Insulation Materials For different applications of wire and cable with different characteristics of the demand, Insulation Materials the formula to make the appropriate adjustments. After several decades of production and use, the current PVC manufacturing and processing technology has been very mature. PVC insulation material in the field of wire and cable has a very wide range of applications, and has a significant self-characteristics:

1) manufacturing technology is mature, easy to shape and manufacturing. Compared with other types of cable insulation materials, not only low cost, in the wire surface color, Insulation Materials light dumb, printing, processing efficiency, hardness, the adhesion of the conductor, the wire itself, the mechanical and electrical properties and electrical properties can be made Effective control.

2) has a very good flame retardant properties, Insulation Materials so PVC insulated wire easily meet the various types of standard requirements of the flame retardant grade.

3) in the temperature, through the optimization of material formulations to improve

4) in the rated voltage, Insulation Materials the general use of rated 1000V AC and below the voltage level, can be widely used in household appliances, instrumentation, lighting, network communications and other industries.

5) non-toxic and tasteless PVC insulated wire, Insulation Materials can also be widely used in air conditioning, refrigerators and other electrical wiring.

PVC also has some shortcomings of its own, limiting its use:

1) due to contain a lot of chlorine, burning will emit a lot of smoke will make people suffocate, affecting visibility, and produce some carcinogenic substances and HCl gas, Insulation Materials causing serious harm to the environment. With the development of low-smoke halogen-free insulation materials manufacturing technology, and gradually replace the PVC insulation has become an inevitable trend of cable development. At present, some influential and strong sense of social responsibility of enterprises, in the company's technical standards clearly put forward a timetable for alternative PVC materials.

2) ordinary PVC insulation acid and alkali, Insulation Materials heat-resistant oil, Insulation Materials resistance to organic solvents poor performance, according to similar chemical compatibility, PVC wire easily in the specific environment, damage and cracking.

 Silicone rubber polymer molecules are SI-O (silicon-oxygen) bonds into the chain structure. SI-O is 443.5KJ / MOL, much higher than C-C bond (355KJ / MOL). Silicone rubber wire and cable most of the use of cold extrusion and high temperature vulcanization process, in many synthetic rubber wire and cable, Insulation Materials because of its unique molecular structure, making silicone rubber than other ordinary rubber with better performance:

   1) very soft, good elasticity, tasteless non-toxic, Insulation Materials not afraid of high temperature and to resist the cold features.

The use of temperature range of -90 ~ 300 ℃. Silicone rubber has much better heat resistance than ordinary rubber, can be used continuously at 200 ℃, 350 degrees can also be used for some time.

   2) excellent weather resistance. Insulation Materials Long time in the ultraviolet and other climatic conditions, its physical properties are only minor changes.

   3) Silicone rubber has a high resistivity and its resistance remains stable over a wide temperature and frequency range. At the same time silicone rubber on the high-pressure corona discharge and arc discharge has a very good resistance. Silicone rubber insulated wire and cable with the above series of advantages, in the TV high voltage device line, microwave oven high temperature line, Insulation Materials induction cooker line, coffee pot line, lamp lead, UV equipment, halogen lamps, Insulation Materials oven and fan internal cable Especially in the field of small household appliances has a wide range of applications, but some of its shortcomings also limit the wider use.