High Alumina Refractory Bricks To Improve Performance In Line With China's Building Materials Market

Improvement on the properties of high-alumina refractory brick in line with China's building materials market. Some of our high-temperature furnace masonry lining imported products, the maximum use temperature of 1760, achieved very good results, but the bricks imported are expensive. In view of this situation, we have developed a performance similar to the imports of corundum-mullite made of lightweight refractory bricks, and the influence factors of its properties were studied. Influence of ingredients on properties of lightweight refractory bricks refractory bricks due to impurities to corundum-mullite greatly influence the high temperature performance, possible in the design ingredients (Al2O3+SiO2) high and the other low impurity content of raw materials.

Three kinds of Al2O3 raw materials determines the initial amount is based on the C-of alumina addition to 1600e can react with most clays, produce mullite; A-the amount of alumina and raw materials all redundant react SiO2, Al2O3 content in about 72.8% of mullite, 1700e of this reaction in the tile after conclusion of firing most of the reactions ; Of aluminium oxide content except some ultra fine powder (10Lm) first react with other materials in the process of sintering mullite outside, the rest to be able to Mount Pinatubo stone 1750e during long-term use in the furnace continued to react with Al2O3 content of Al2O3 mullite solid solution at around 78%, and rest a little.