High Alumina Refractory Bricks Damaged The Main Form

Refractory damage mainly in the form of high alumina bricks: slags, treatment response and cause corrosion and cracks due to thermal stress (cracks) caused by spalling damage. Which, high aluminum refractory brick of peeling usually can is divided into simple by hot stress caused of high temperature peeling (also called hot peeling) and due to slag erosion, and caused of organization changes and hot stress composite by produced of structure peeling, according to different using conditions of observation, found furnace kiln with high aluminum refractory brick of damaged not just slag corrosion (continuous type), also often has fracture and stripping tablets (non-continuous type). Sorting out the General form of damage, which is what causes it?

Stripping of the form referred to as thermal, mechanical, it is because of the furnace heat stress and mechanical stress of the refractory lining irregular cracks, resulting in high-alumina refractory brick lining damaged too quickly.

Form two referred to as structure of peeling, it is because the slag penetration and temperature fluctuations that occur on the heating surface structure, resulting in a peculiar metamorphic layers, in the original layer and affected layer crack parallel to interface with the heating surface, and high-alumina refractory brick lining spalling damage.

Form known as the melt stream, it is because the same steel, hot metal and slag reaction of low melting point material and molten flow or wear, mainly due to a liquid and surface erosion.

In addition, the overall lining due to shrinkage cracks caused by high alumina brick lining, and brick-lined due to refractory products used in the process of contraction joints caused by expansion or opening, is also a major cause lined area is quickly damaged.