High Alumina Refractory Brick Use

High alumina refractory bricks with fused corundum, sintered alumina and industrial alumina as the main raw material, made of fire and refractory products, with acid and alkali resistance and resistance ability is also strong, good thermal shock resistance characteristics.

Production Process

Raw materials and additives

The corrosive corundum, sintered alumina and industrial alumina as the main raw material to polystyrene beads as burned add, silica or other materials for the volume stabilizer, room temperature, high temperature are combined, the additive as a binder The

Ingredients, kneading and molding

Ingredients based on product bulk density and physical and chemical properties requirements, to determine the amount of various materials added. Mixing with a mixer or a mud mixer, the order of feeding is: polystyrene pellets → part of the binder and water → powder → binder. The shape of the product is easy to grasp, easy to produce elastic after the effect of vibration molding and other forms of molding, or the use of mud casting molding.

Dry and burnt.

Drying, due to polystyrene beads in the 90 ~ 110 ℃ volume surge, followed by liquefaction, vaporization, oxidation disappeared, most manufacturers of polystyrene pellets after puffing treatment for production, so the drying temperature should not be Too high and urgent, dry brick after the residual moisture requirements of less than 2%. Installed kiln using side code, firing low temperature stage should pay attention to the volume of burned material changes, according to the product size and physical and chemical indicators to determine the maximum firing temperature, generally greater than 1600 ℃, can be faster than the compact brick firing system.

Aluminum oxide insulation refractory brick body light, high compressive strength, low thermal conductivity, heavy volume shrinkage rate, thermal shock stability, can be used for high temperature thermal insulation equipment or flame directly with the role of the furnace And precision thermal equipment work lining, but not suitable for direct contact with the furnace and slag erosion of the Department. In the use of reducing the atmosphere also has a high stability. The use of temperature as the product of low purity generally up to 1650 ~ 1800 ℃.

Uses: mainly used for masonry blast furnace, hot stove, electric furnace top, blast furnace, reverberatory furnace, rotary kiln lining. In addition, high-alumina refractory bricks are also widely used to do flat furnace regenerative lattice brick, pouring system with the plug head, water tank and so on.