High Alumina Refractory Brick High Stability

Alumina content of more than 48% of a neutral refractory. Made of bauxite or other high alumina content of raw materials formed by molding and calcination. High thermal stability, High Alumina Refractory Brick refractoriness above 1770 ℃. Good slag resistance. Used for masonry steelmaking furnace, glass melting furnace, cement converter and other lining.

High charge soft. Low creep high alumina bricks are special bauxite. Fused corundum, fused mullite as the main raw materials made of high refractories. The product has a small creep at high temperature. Strong resistance to erosion. Thermal shock stability and other advantages, High Alumina Refractory Brick suitable for large and medium-sized hot stove, which is China's new hot stove required high-quality, high-grade imports of refractory materials to open up a successful road, has been included in the national "Spark Program "project.

High alumina brick refractoriness than clay brick and semi-silica brick refractoriness should be high, up to 1750 ~ 1790 ℃, are high refractories. High alumina brick Al2O3 more close to the neutral refractory material, High Alumina Refractory Brick can resist the acid slag and alkaline slag erosion, because it contains SiO2, so the ability of alkali-resistant slag than the ability of acid-resistant slag weak.

Because high-alumina products in the high Al2O3, less impurities, High Alumina Refractory Brick the formation of fusible glass less, so the load softening temperature than clay brick, but the mullite crystallization does not form a network of organizations, so the load softening temperature is still no silicone bricks.

High alumina refractory in the Al2O3 more, High Alumina Refractory Brick close to the neutral refractory material, can resist the acid slag and alkaline slag erosion, because it contains SiO2, so the ability to resist alkaline slag resistance than acid slag weak.

Mainly used for masonry blast furnace, hot stove, electric furnace top, blast furnace, reverberatory furnace, rotary kiln lining. In addition, high alumina bricks are also widely used to do flat furnace regenerative lattice brick, pouring system with the plug head, water tank and so on. High Alumina Refractory Brick But the price of high alumina brick than clay brick, so clay brick can meet the requirements of the place do not have to use high alumina brick.

Alumina fiber thermal conductivity, heating shrinkage and heat capacity are low, long-term use temperature of 1300 ~ 1400 ℃, higher than ordinary aluminum silicate fiber (1000 ~ 1100 ℃). It has good chemical stability, can be used in acidic environment, oxidizing atmosphere, High Alumina Refractory Brick reducing atmosphere and vacuum conditions, the alkaline environment also has a certain corrosion resistance, but susceptible to lead vapor and vanadium pentoxide erosion.

Alumina staple fiber has outstanding high temperature performance, mainly used as insulation refractory materials, metallurgical furnace, High Alumina Refractory Brick ceramic sintering furnace or other high temperature furnace for the lining of the insulation material. Because of its small density, good thermal insulation, heat capacity is small, not only can reduce the quality of the furnace, High Alumina Refractory Brick but also can improve the temperature control accuracy, energy saving effect is remarkable.