Green Clay Bricks Will Become The Main Direction For Future Development

Clay bricks are building artificial small blocks of wood. Also known as brick. Solid clay brick is one of the world's oldest building materials, from the mausoleum in Shaanxi in Ming and Qing dynasties in Beijing to the great wall, the architectural history of the heritage of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. So far, it remains a favorite building material in Chinese. Clay brick from local materials, cheap, durable, fire protection, heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture-free advantages, widely used in civil construction.

But the mass production of clay bricks causing damage to arable land in our country. China's per capita farmland is less than the world average level of 40%, but due to the urban and rural housing fired clay bricks, Liang Tian 700,000 acres a year and to be damaged. It was held in 2004 in Nanchang "12 provinces and cities in the South of new wall materials in the seminar" issued a warning. In China, the wall materials 70% per cent of the housing construction materials, clay bricks in the wall material is still dominant, producing solid clay bricks needed to better clay clay resources are arable land and, therefore, as evidenced by the destruction of land resources.

To change the traditional firing of a serious waste of land resources, as early as 12 years ago, the State Council forwards the original national building materials Bureau and other departments jointly issued "views on the development and promotion of new wall materials," and about 170 cities nationwide were given "the prohibition of the use of solid clay bricks timetable." Refractory industry in Shaanxi Province following the national policy guidance, and for production of refractory clay bricks made effective adjustments to innovation, using eco-friendly materials instead of using clay, for the use with clay bricks to achieve consistent results.