Five Categories Of Refractory Bricks

According to the different composition of fired bricks, currently sold on the market of refractory bricks can be divided into five categories, any stove is not just a fire-resistant brick, need a variety of bricks their respective merits, and integrated in order to achieve the best results, the following will briefly explain the type of refractory bricks.

Brick types, basic series of refractory brick (containing magnesite refractory bricks, dolomite bricks refractory bricks, magnesium olivine)

Magnesia bricks: divided into metallurgy magnesia and magnesium products in two categories, according to the chemical composition and the use of different, further divided into a number of small breeds. Main products, high refractoriness, resistant to alkaline slag and slag is very good.

Dolomite bricks: widely used Basic converter, also can be used as lining of some refining.

Forsterite bricks: mainly used for open-hearth furnace of Checker brick in regenerator, ingot bricks, heating furnace in copper smelting furnaces, also has a good effect.

Type II, carbon-containing refractory bricks refractory brick (containing carbon brick, graphite, silicon carbide refractory products refractory products)