Construction Method And Maintenance Of Amorphous Refractory Casting Material

1.3 Preparation of template

Refractory castable construction formwork should be according to the engineering characteristics and amount of engineering structure should be selected, the type of template is: fixed, hanging and tools such as. The template material is usually steel and wood.

When the template is set up, it should meet the following requirements:

(1) the exact size, in accordance with the design requirements.

(2) the support is firm, the template combination installation is convenient for construction, the seam is tight, not leaking.

(3) refractory casting material with strong corrosion resistance and strong adhesion should be set up in the template.

(4) the expansion joints should be fixed firmly with the board, to avoid the vibration when the shift.

(5) before the construction of the template should be coated with protective oil and so on, in order to prevent bonding.

1.4  Manufacture and installation of anchor

Anchor in general is divided into metal and non metal of the two, one end of it is welded on the furnace shell and the supporting steel frame, and buried in the refractory castable plays an supporting and connecting role.

The setting of the anchor of the refractory casting material should be designed according to the design, usually in the low temperature part of the metal anchor, the high temperature part of the use of ceramic anchor.

According to the different parts of the furnace body structure, the metal anchor is used in different forms, and the metal anchor of the furnace wall and the vault are V type, L type and Y type.

2/3 metal anchor end buried to the furnace wall thickness; anchor brick general exposed on the heating surface.

The installation spacing of the metal anchor depends on the thickness and height of the wall of the furnace wall. The general level of spacing is about 550~600 mm, the vertical distance of about 450~500 mm.

The anchor brick, the side wall part of the spacing is 300~500 mm, the top part is about 200~300 mm.