Clay Building Brick In The Construction Industry, Providing Housing For The Tenants Personal Double Protection

With the rapid development of the construction industry, many building materials quality has gradually become more powerful, because only the good building materials can be used long-term. Is currently building material often is one of the materials of clay bricks. Of course, this material is also at this stage is divided into two, one is the unshaped refractory materials, there is a setting of refractory material, the former were also more castable are combined by a variety of different aggregates and aggregates, and use must be in the process of one or many kinds of liquids mixing together.

Clay bricks in the construction industry also known as Huo Zhuan, which need to use chamotte or fired refractory raw materials made of refractory material, the color is light yellow or brown. Mainly be used in smelting furnaces and in the process, often able to bear the high temperature of 580-770. It is with this feature, so at high temperature to withstand various physical changes and chemical changes, some mechanical effects such materials can be sustained.

Of course, in the production of clay bricks, but also need to control the pores of the material problems, or pores become larger and will make building materials quality has declined. That produced slag resistance of the material is also very large.