After Purchasing The Refractory Materials, To Take Protective Measures

Brick should be promptly available to the factory, preventing refractory damp or stored for too long. Brick in the process on the surface by angle, chipping, cracks, not in full brick bricks determined not to use and checks the quality of masonry, masonry after all the job is done. Ensure the building quality.

1. strengthening the maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment, and strengthen the inspection staff, workshop technicians, identify problems and adjustment process to ensure the integrity and efficiency of the equipment.

2. strengthening technical operations, optimize operating parameters, stability and thermodynamic principles, stable condition, reduced volatility, prevent system repeatedly start and stop.

3. air leakage sealing system, stable raw material into kiln feed;

4. selection of low temperature calcination technology, control the differentiation of furnace outlet temperature 870~880℃, outlet exhaust temperature control in 300~330℃.

5. safe ingredients planning, control raw meal composition

6. proper control of coal fineness and moisture.

7. strengthen the raw materials into the plant control, strengthening the homogenization, and strictly controlling the alkali content of raw materials. Content, kiln ring formation, Coating hanger, repeatedly, refractory brick increased wear and tear, burst of affecting application cycle.

8. fostering good operator.