2016 India Refractories International Conference And Exhibition

India refractories Association (IRMA) is India refractory industry association, such as iron and steel production, ferrous metallurgy, cement, glass and ceramics production areas such as design, construction, installation and maintenance services, and to save costs and provide efficiency, industrial added value. Refractory materials exhibition and Conference of its organization is India domestic most professional, the most important industry event. IREFCON 2016 is the world's 2nd largest refractory industry event in 2016, is the 11th, for India and global refractory production and provide consumers with an important trading platform. In addition to manufacturers and consumers, a large number of raw material suppliers, equipment manufacturers, test equipment, research and development institutions, design consulting, will participate in the project. 2014 Conference and exhibition, held in Calcutta, with a total registered on behalf of more than 500. World industry giant Elkem, Velco, GmbH, have participated in the project.

India backward infrastructure, a new India Government will invest heavily in and improve the design of large networks to drive demand for commodities such as cement, iron and steel, glass, and India will become the world's most important demand of refractory. 2014 India totaled 86 million tons of steel, behind China, Japan and the United States, ranking 4th in the world, and it is anticipated that by 2020, steel production needs to reach 130 million tons, to meet market demands. 2014 India for 280 million tonnes of cement, China ranked 2nd in the world. Huge market demand, will drive the demand for refractory materials