Xianju new wall material enterprises in Zhejiang Province, the first successful development of shale brick

Xianju walling materials innovation work unremittingly for more than 10 years, and continue to promote technological transformation of enterprises and product upgrading and continuously improve product quality, product features, increase enterprise benefit continuously improve. Walling materials innovation work with along with industrial policy, advanced technological frontier.

On September 1, xianju new wall materials enterprises producing Shale Brick, is currently only used one time palletizing burning in the province, the most advanced technology of production becomes. On October 26, the products by China building materials inspection and certification group Zhejiang company limited sampling, product strength, density and heat transfer coefficient of the three completely breaks the national standard. Marking the xianju County in the province took the lead in adopting a successful development of shale brick firing process.

Shale Brick products based on shale as raw material mixed with the right amount of construction waste, construction waste soil, River sludge, cinders, by crushing, screening, blending, aging, extrusion molding, baking, and is non-radioactive State class a building materials, green, green, and agglomeration of new wall materials. The products are widely used in various building system of load-bearing walls and non-load-bearing walls, easy construction and high efficiency; insulation performance, and buildings with life; overcoming quality problems such as external wall finishes crack off. Products with energy-saving, environmental protection, light, noise, impervious, can be linked to air conditioning, lower construction costs and other characteristics, with incomparable advantages of other thermal insulation wall material. The success of the product development for our province to promote green building offers green product support.