N Qi insulation brick

N Qi thermal insulation advantages and features:

1, insulation

Heat transfer coefficient is less than 0.51W/(square ยท K), the thermal resistance is about 10-20 times that of ordinary concrete.

2, light

Dry bulk density control in 400-600kg/M3, equivalent to about 1/5-1/8 normal concrete, can greatly reduce building loads, improving seismic performance.

3, high strength

Compressive strength of up to 3.5MPa per cent.

4, low water absorption

In the internal structure of the product using a special process in nitrogen-filled Qi, the product's internal pressure and external negative pressure to form a certain tension, makes it difficult for external moisture into the Interior, n Qi 1/5 penetration is just plain air, does not dissolve in water, so water blocking effect.

From procurement of raw materials, the main raw material is cement, and cheaper products in all. Fly ash thermal waste, to not only save energy but also other pollutants of the industry. From the production point of view, convenient and no pollution, because it is directly poured will not have the traditional process for sintering of pollutants generated and can reach the energy-saving effect. On conservation, nature conservation, no special treatment more environmentally friendly and more energy-efficient. On the construction technology, this product is perfect docking with the existing process, simply replaced traditional mortar mortar without making any changes, can do it fast and the market. On product use, realize the integration of insulation and energy-saving effect is better, thought for the future use of lower-cost, can do less electricity (reduce summer peak electricity shortages) winter insulation to reduce heating costs, energy saving, people save money.