Insulation bricks with the merits of the

Insulation bricks are common for us, thermal insulation block is a new type of building material, is also a convenient building material. With the economic development and social promotion, it also enhanced the demand for insulation block. concrete is targeted at new Shutong cement insulation block of foam insulation board wall material industry development research, we may ask this Shutong grade fire-resistant insulation boards what are the advantages of it?

Concrete insulated blocks with high performance of concrete hollow block to shell, within its cavity filled foam concrete or polystyrene foam, lightweight insulation material, block casing and insulation materials through production injection molding as a whole, so as to form a building envelope and insulation functions one insulation block. its advantages are:

And reduce construction costs

Second, save time

High performance concrete insulation block, you can go directly to decorative, no longer subject to external wall insulation.

Third, eliminate fire hazards

Because of the high performance concrete of concrete insulation block shell, oaaobock and insulation materials in the production process, this form of structure to eliminate the fire hazard.

Four, insulation of concrete blocks and buildings with life

Can be built into a wall alone solves building insulation integrity and durability of walls, wall insulation system life of real life with buildings, to resolve worries.