Hejian insulation "subtraction" in the "multiplication"

Total related to enterprises from more than 700 the number reduced to 185, industry capacity was raised from 710,000 tonnes a year to 1.22 million tons, industry output value reached 8.2 billion yuan ... ... In recent years, hejian insulation materials manufacturing industry followed national industrial policy, industrial integration and restructuring and upgrading, realize lean, quality and efficiency.

Hejian insulation materials manufacturing industry for more than 30 years of history, has produced more than 700 enterprises, is an important thermal insulation materials production base in North China. The past two years, the industry entry threshold increase, the overall economic situation downside factors lead to a market downturn, industry entered a period of bottlenecks. For makes "old industry" glow new vitality, hejian while adapted national industry policy oriented, strengthening Enterprise integrated regulation, to heroes broken wrist of courage banned shut stopped a pollution enterprise and small workshop; while carried out "resources integration, and mention document spread rules" action, promoted policy, and funds, resources to advantage Enterprise concentrated, and taking advantage of Beijing Jin JI collaborative development, major opportunities, carried out special investment introduction funding and SMEs foster, advance industry gathered integration. In addition, broaden the channels of technology transfer, and Nankai universities "project buffet" form for docking, promote the upgrading of small and medium enterprises.