Heat Resistant Stainless Steel Fiber

Basic Info

Model NO.:#446/430/304/310/330Refractoriness (&#8451;):1580< Refractoriness< 1770
Type:Refractory MaterialShape:U Shape

melt extract steel fiber of our company impart increased thermal shock resistance, steep thermal gradients resistance and mechanical shock resistance, minimizing damage and delaying failure caused by cracking. By increasing refractory lifetimes steel fiber refractory reinforcement offers the end user a reduction in downtime and substantial savings in materials and labor costs. Melt Extract stainless fibers are fully annealed and therefore are more pliable and ductile. This is of particular benefit during the mixing cycle and when the refractory composite is installed. These pliable fibers are not only more user-friendly than the stiff "needle-like" cut fibers, but also have better flow characteristics. Dispersion is further aided by the optimum Aspect Ratio design guaranteeing rapid fiber separation during the mixing phase. 

Product Description