Discussion on characteristics and typical application of refractory fiber modules

Refractory fiber modules is designed to simplify and speed up the furnace construction, improve the integrity of lining and launched the new alternative to the conventional refractory products refractory lining.

Fire-resistant fiber module features:

1, refractory fiber modules have excellent chemical stability, flexibility, module in the preload State and lining masonry after the expansion of the module makes seamless lining and can compensate fiber liner shrinkage in order to improve the insulation properties of fiber lining, overall performance is good;

2, excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance of; ceramic fiber module installs quickly, and anchorage parts are installed on walls lined with grim, anchoring material requirements can be reduced.

Second, the typical application of refractory fiber modules:

Ceramic fiber module applied to petrochemical furnace lining insulation; lining heat insulation of furnaces in metallurgical industry, ceramics, glass and other building materials industry furnace lining insulation; heat treatment furnace lining insulation; other industry kiln is lining.