Development of insulation materials and other industries in China is expected to take

Prefabricated construction real estate development trend for the future, is a requirement of the development of green architecture, is the construction industrialization development of demand, developing new opportunities for the collaborative development of the whole industrial chain. Insulation materials is expected to leverage development.

2016 years proposed in the Government work report to the Prime Minister of "actively promoting green building and building materials, development and Assembly of steel structure architecture." The CPC Central Committee and the State Council on further strengthening the management of urban planning and construction also raised several views, for about 10 years time, bringing the share of prefabricated building in new buildings to 30%. Unable to see from these new rules, green buildings and prefabricated buildings in China construction development was elevated to new heights.

Real estate development slowed, and has spread to the component parts and raw materials companies, many cold products industry, prefabricated building development as well as component parts has created new opportunities for enterprise development.

Prefabricated construction and wall material, insulation, Windows, pipe fittings, exterior wall tile finishes and many other components are inseparable, only parts of industrialization, to achieve the final Assembly building to realize industrialization.