2016-China new wall materials n Qi insulation brick come out!

Mountain of Hebei building materials technology limited is a company in the field of new wall materials research and development, manufacturing, sales, construction and services as one integrated enterprise. Companies rely on China Academy of building research, Hebei University of science and technology research institutes, such as professors and their research team of senior technical officer, enterprise restructuring and upgrading, scientific and technological innovation, has successfully developed cement foam insulation boards, insulation, thermal insulation mortar for masonry units, such as green energy-saving products. Companies continue to enrich the scientific research, in the 14 session of the annual meeting of the Association for science and technology talents in China joint project, entered into a collaboration with the Beijing Construction Engineering University, the introduction of high-end talents, enrich the research team. In 2015 with the Hebei Engineering Institute, Hebei province product quality supervision and testing of materials and equipment for construction machinery cooperative agreement reached jointly develop low heat transfer, high strength, excellent performance of green insulation building wall materials--n Qi insulation bricks.

N Qi brick success captured in material science for a long time to achieve organic of inorganic materials thermal insulation effects of this worldwide problem, subverts traditional wall filler material and composite insulation effect and service life unsatisfactory situation, open pure inorganic materials, integrated thermal insulation and building structure with the life of the new era.