Coke Oven Brick

Coke Oven Brick
Product Details

If you are looking for customized and cheap coke oven brick made in China from a coke oven brick factory, Zibo Qunhui Refractory Co.,Ltd is always at your service.

Clay brick for coke oven is made of flint clay and fire clay.It used to pave the liner of the coke furnace.The brick is paved in the throat,stack,crucible,hearth of the furnace.


1. Low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance.

2. Long service life, easy operation, could be shaped freely

3. Product specification: standard form, normal standard, shaped and special shaped bricks.

4. Can be used in various kilns because of its cheapness and general tray package. Among all of the refractory materials, it is the most widely used.


1. Carbon bake furnaces in the aluminum industry

2. Preheat zones and cyclones of rotary cement kilns

3. Insulation for glass tanks

4. Fireplace and pizza ovens

5. Coke ovens

6. Blast furnaces

7. Reheating furnaces

8. Suspended roofs

9. Lime kilns

10. Chimney